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I spend a lot of time gawking at crochet earrings and I often came across Crochet hooped earrings such as the ones below :

But I could barely ever find a decent pattern to tell me how to get started on such earrings, let alone how to make them.

So after a lot of trial and error, I finally made a one sample, and while it’s not an exact replica of the ones above, it’s close enough.

Materials required :

– A pair of hoops – the one shown above is 2.5inches in diameter, but the bigger, the better.

– A crochet needle  1.1 mm

– Thread ( I used Anchor’s size 40 crochet thread, but any thread thin enough to be used on a 1.1 mm needle is good enough)


The thing with such a design is that there is no exact pattern in terms of number of stitches. I will give you the pattern in terms of how I made it, but you will need to modify a bit. But the pattern is easy, so modification will be a walk in the park.

Row 1 : Make an odd no. of scs on the INSIDE of the hoop. It’s very important that the top of your single crochet be on the inside of the circle, not outside, as the rest of the pattern will be done within the circle.

I had to do about 203 scs. I’d recommend doing about 10% more than you need as they will get pulled closer together as you work on the remaining rows.


Row 2 : Ch 3, *skip 1 sc , dc in the next sc* all around. Turn.

Row 3 : Ch2, *skip 1 dc, sc in the next dc* all around. As it will begin to get tighter now, make the sc a little looser and longer to cover up the gaps between the stitches.


Row 4 : Ch2, *skip 1 sc, sc in the next sc* all around. Your scs will need to be even looser now.


Row 5 : Ch3, dc in the same sc, *skip the next sc, 2 dc in the next sc* all around. Alternating dc’s will need to be loose. Turn.

Row 6 : Ch 2, *skip the next dc, sc in the next dc* all around. Weave off.

Whenever your stitches need to be a little loose, just let the needle pull as much thread as it needs to complete the stitch.


Sc – Single crochet

Dc – Double Crochet.

Turn – Turn the work

If you make this design, post a picture of your work and share your experiences!


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